This N That Sunglasses Cover

Crochet This N That Sunglasses Cover Free Pattern for Female - kNot mY deSigns

By now, your brain must have properly stored that in designing, we always go for the focal point. Two many embellishments are overdone. Be it in fashion, interior decoration, art, designing etc. Keeping it simple and minimal is the modern mantra!… Continue Reading

Contemporary Triangles Cell Phone Wristlet Pouch

Crochet Contemporary Triangles Cell Phone Wristlet Pouch Free Pattern - kNot mY deSigns

I stumbled upon the article Triangles in Design written by @larissameek. I agree with her completely. As per design, incorporating triangles in your art in the smart choice. The shaped not only creates an attraction like the Pyramid of Giza or the Louvre… Continue Reading

Capri Backsided Mobile Cover

Crochet Capri Backsided Mobile Cover Free Pattern with closed loop and wristlet - Knot My Designs

Have you ever worn your top inside out by mistake and spent an entire day roaming out in that and to realize it much later in the day? oopsy! what now? You start to think should I change back to correct… Continue Reading

Oblong Shell Stash Basket

Crochet Oblong Shell Stash Basket for Yarn - Knot My Designs

Increasing office space, ordering more raw materials etc. indicates growing business. Similarly, the need of another stash basket hinted at the growth of my work as I started collecting more and more yarn. I already have a big Laundry basket… Continue Reading

Tasseled Slouchy Bonnet Hat

Winter / Fall Seasoned Crochet Tasseled Slouchy Bonnet Hat Free Pattern for an adult woman - kNot mY deSigns

Ever confused while naming your product? I was. It took me 3-4 attempts to finally come up with the name – Tasseled Slouchy Bonnet Hat. At first, I decided to name it as Women’s Pixie hat. Then I renamed to… Continue Reading

Key Tag Miniature Ball

Crochet Key Tag Miniature Ball - Knot My Designs

A visit to Legoland drew my attention towards these tiny items. The depiction of the world in this shrunken avatar is creative, imaginative and impressive at the same time. I was supposed to make something creative to distinguish the car… Continue Reading

Half Herringbone Cell Phone Wristlet Pouch

Crochet Half Herringbone Cell Phone Wristlet Pouch Free Pattern - Knot My Designs

It must sound crazy but have you ever fell in love with a design so much that you begin using it everywhere? Well, I have never fallen for any crochet pattern more than the Herringbone stitch, especially, the Half Herringbone… Continue Reading