The Journey So Far [2014-2017]

Knot My Designs - The Journey - [2014-2017]

After reading The Story from Tangled to Knot My Designs,  by now you would’ve known how and why I chose Knot My Designs. Tangled would have been my lifelong priority if I had the choice. But I accepted the new approach. So that was the story of starting Knot My Designs, now I will share another remarkable story; I will share the Journey so Far (2014 to 2017).

2014: (I call this )The year of official acceptance of making a brand.

I started taking crochet seriously after I decided to launch my shop as Tangled.  I learned a lot since. 

2015: the year that brought a significant change in my life.

With the plan to move forward with blogging and a new brand name Knot My Designs, I started making changes everywhere. Renaming hashtags [#tangled to #knotmydesigns], pathname, login names etc. I also gained better judgement of dimensions, material vs hook combination, and new idea to photograph my work for social share.

2016: the year when I turned into a crocheter and a Blogger.

I started working on blogs along with my regular crochet work. I started dedicating more time for understanding the nuances of blogging. I would just scroll and get acquainted with WordPress plugins and features. As I had been crocheting for 2 years, there were ample pictures and collections to write about. For blogs, the pictures should be optimised. I started searching for tips and tutorials online about Photoshop, branding, watermark, and optimization. I worked on my first template to write and started drafting one after another. My family members helped me reviewing the posts and even enhancing my writing skills.

I cannot recall how many times I have changed the template to date; adding modifying and deleting. All of these were minor tweaks. And then I came up with a layout and decided to write all my blogs in according to this new layout.

I honed my crochet skill and this year, I targeted season-based, theme-based, pairing combo-based products. I started diversifying my learning abilities to other possible aspects of apparel. 

2017, the year of realisation. 

The start of the year was depressing and daunting. It was the time to retrospect and I started weighing my work done so far. Has my business grown or remained stagnant. I realized been religiously giving so much time and energy for last 3 years but I was nowhere near the target. There were a thousand questions, which were to be answered. What KMD actually does? What’s the Brand value? Does the blog theme and logo mean anything? Is there any social media presence? Where am I lagging? How will I rate it? How am I going to present my successes in the market?

Baffled with these and many more ruminations, I decided to focus on understanding the business of the creative world. I am still learning and the road to completion is nowhere near. But I have a plan now, I have carved a virtual map to follow the destination.

Meanwhile, to keep me inspired and rejuvenated, my crocheting continues. I  am diversifying and adding loom knit and knitting to my crafting skills. I am also learning animation, especially the basics of pixel art. Maybe I will get back to sketching again and extend to custom interactive art. 

Transformation of KMD Logo

I knew the logo of my brand will be one crochet hook, just like the Swoosh of Nike, which reflects motions or the A2Z arrow logo of Amazon indicating smile and everything from A to Z. A simple piece of art with a much deeper meaning and visual connect. I have been looking for something similar to my brand. I have been also sharing this thought with my buddies since the time I started as Tangled. Simple but unique logo design.

I read up on logo designs and branding. I learned the art of conceptualizing a logo in 2015 but it was the next year 2016 that I actually learned how to create one.

Knot My Designs Logo in 2015

The first logo of Knot My Designs - My Knots, Your Designs.


I kept asking feedbacks from my fritics, my family and friends as critics, to understand how my idea is accepted. Those feedbacks were as tangled as my patterns.  Everyone appreciated and applauded my crochet work and entrepreneurship but not the logo design. I couldn’t understand the reason. After getting all the suggestions and feedback,  I updated the design.

Knot My Designs Logo in 2016

Second Official Logo of Knot My Designs - My Knots, Your Designs.


By this time, I also gained experience in creating different background based on themes like Christmas, Halloween, New Years and different colour combination sets. You can check my Facebook Profile Photo Album to see the transformations.

Knot My Designs Logo in 2017

Knot My Designs (KMD) Full Official Logo - My Knots, Your Designs.


Well, it took me 3 years to finally come up with a new design which was more modern and appealing. I am proud of creating it. This is the first ever design developed by me from the scratch. Starting from visualising to creating to finalising, I did it all. I have shared it with my fritics and they loved it. I hope you will like it as well. I have advanced theme-based logos too.  The Facebook Page will display the new representations in coming years. 


The History of transformation of logo

Transformation of Knot My Designs [KMD] Logo - My Knots, Your Designs.


Today, as I recall my last 3-4 years of work through this story, I am realising that I do have evolved through time. Even though I haven’t achieved the much of the success, I have definitely progressed in the right direction. Even though I keep on pressuring myself for better work, for perfection, for a high standard like Apple, I am taking this moment to pat my back and thank generously to all my fritics, colleagues and wellwishers for their continuous support and love. There’s still a lot to learn to reach the goal. As they say, the sky is the limit. 

Wish me luck!

You can go through The Story from Tangled to Knot My Designs to know how my crochet work evolved from Tangled to Knot My Designs. 

Where It All Started will tell you about the inspiration behind getting into the world of crochet.

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