Striped Pencil Bookmark

A weekend spent in the lap of woods, connecting with nature and enjoying the beauty of the mother earth; there is nothing more psychotherapeutic than this. A walk in the park i.e. surrounded by trees, streams or creeks, and birds or animals, is also emotionally purging than working in a gym, which focuses only on our body.

One of our usual activity is walking in the park. I am fortunate that San Antonio Parks and Recreation Authority has created and maintained so many parks all across the city. While enjoying the Salado Creek I recorded this interesting sound of the birds and the owls. I tried to find out the birds nest but couldn’t spot any in this dense forest.

I deeply enjoyed the sound of chirping, though, like a music. Suddenly, I struck with the idea of holding a contest. Listen to the communication among the birds and imagine if they are communicating. I loved the participation of the contestants. The responses are entertaining. A couple of them got excited and responded more than once. When the creative mind is churned the output is funny and participation in enthusiastic!

Below is the video of the contest that I posted on the Facebook page: theknotmydesigns. You all are welcome to post your conversation too!!! The participation is every lasting!!!

P.S. For your active participation, you will be eligible for free gift i.e. A pencil bookmark from Knot My Designs!!!

The conversation contest: Translate the conversation

In order to thank them for their active participation, I designed Thank You Cards for them and gifted a Pencil bookmark. Below is the striped pencil bookmark. Since I believe in to learn and teach mantra ->

“Padho Aur Padhao”

It was another attempt for my fellow participants to buy books and read more.


The pattern is striped which involves one base colour (BC) and another contrasting colour (CC). I have mainly worked on the CC-2BC-CC-2BC-CC-2BC-CC pattern using Single Crochet (SC). There are a couple of pencil designs having 3BC-CC-3BC-CC-3BC and BC-2CC-2BC-2CC-2BC-CC. The pencil cone contains BC as the skin and the tip with CC.

Pattern:- CC-2BC-CC-2BC-CC-2BC-CC 

Pencil Length:- 

R1: Starting with Base colour (BC), Chain 30+1. SC from 2nd hook. Ch 1 and turn. Total 30 SC.

R2: With BC, SC in every SC. Change to CC and Ch 1 and turn. Total 30 SC.

R3: With CC, SC in every SC. Change to BC and Ch 1 and turn. Total 30 SC.

Continue SC in every row, Ch 1 and turn.

Follow the sequence of 2BC-CC-2BC-CC-2BC. With CC, SC around to form a border of. 3 SC in the corner SC to form a clear rectangular edge.

Pick one side and start working on the pencil base cone and the tip.

Base Cone and Tip:-

R1: Using BC, Ch 1 and SC 10 times. Ch 1 and turn. Total 10 SC.

R2: SCtog, 6 SC, SCtog. Ch 1 and turn. Total 8 SC.

R3: SC in every SC. Ch 1 and turn. Total 8 SC.

R4: SCtog, 4 SC, SCtog. Ch 1 and turn. Total 6 SC.

R5: SC in every SC. Ch 1 and turn. Total 6 SC.

R6: SCtog, 2 SC, SCtog. Ch 1 and turn. Total 4 SC.

R7: SC in every SC. Change to CC, Ch 1 and turn. Total 4 SC.

R8: With CC, SCtog, SCtog. Ch 1 and turn. Total 2 SC.

R9: SC in every SC. Ch 1 and turn. Total 2 SC.

R10: SCtog and Slip Stitch and sew the remaining strand.

Product Specifications:


  • Pencil Length: 9″
  • Width: 2″

The sizes can be altered based on the count of the stitches for the rows.


  • You can add pom-pom matching the colour with the edging or the base colour. There are different ways to create pom-pom.
  • You can attach flowers, beads, tassel at the end of the bookmark
  • You can remove the string and attach a paper clip for bookmark
    Or paste it on your wrapped item to make an interesting wrapping gift style.
  • You can add your tag.

Remember: do not over accessorise it. This hides the beauty of the pattern itself. Believe in elegance simplicity!!

In case, you have stuck anywhere or have any queries, kindly contact me.

Striped Pencil Bookmark

Crochet Striped Pencil Bookmark - Knot My Designs Crochet Striped Pencil Bookmark - Knot My Designs Crochet Striped Pencil Bookmark - Knot My Designs Crochet Striped Pencil Bookmark - Knot My Designs Crochet Striped Pencil Bookmark - Knot My Designs Crochet Striped Pencil Bookmark - Knot My Designs Crochet Striped Pencil Bookmark - Knot My Designs

Style Aisle:

  • Nothing to style!!! Time to read more and more.
  • Style your brain with all information, someone’s perspective, vision, knowledge and cherish that.
  • Love Reading!!!


  1. Yarn: Stash Basket, scraps of yarn.
    • Note: you can play around with different branded yarns as far as they give the synchronous flow of the pattern using a constant crochet hook.
    • You can either go for the yarns with the same recommended crochet hook OR decide the yarn and change the crochet hooks along with the tightness on the crochet stitches as you proceed with the pattern.
    • You can change the pattern to get the continuous flow.
  2. Crochet Hook: 5mm
  3. Needles
  4. Scissors
  5. Measuring Tape
  6. Stitch Marker: My stitch markers are the mini safety pins we get from clothing tags. You can buy from Michaels- Stitch MarkerAmazon – Stitch MarkerJo-Ann – Stitch Marker. Use offers for better deals.

Happy Crocheting!!!


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All the contents including photos, designs, and patterns are copyright of Knot My Designs unless otherwise stated. Kindly do not republish them as claiming your own.

The patterns are free to learn and adopt, for personal consumption; however, kindly provide due credit to Knot My Designs everytime you use or share them.

Happy Shopping!!!

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