Pista Slouchy Beanie

The Pistachio color is so attractive. Ever wonder, how this color has formed?

After digging into Wiki, I finally found out the etymology of the creation of pista color. The color pistachio/ pistachio green is a representation of the color of the interior meat of a pistachio nut. This color is one of the variations of green chartreuse. This green chartreuse color is formed when you mix yellow with green.

I made this beanie from the same yarn as used in Pista Twist Hat, I bought the yarn from Michaels and wanted to try a slouchy pattern. The pista color yarn looked suitable for this pattern. I started digging for a slouchy beanie pattern online to create a Pista Slouchy Beanie.


I thank Regina S. Graham for her post on Hooks and Heels; which is very helpful and easy to follow. The pattern is very simple and easy to follow. The instructions could be divided into 2 parts – A body and A Brim. It is a Bottom-up approach. Started with the brim and ended by completing the body.


The brim is Back loop single crochet stitches for count 9.

R1: Chain 10, Single Crochet (SC) 10 times, turn. Total SC 10.

R2: Ch 1, Single Crochet Back Loop Only (SCBLO) 10 on previous SC, turn. Total SC 10.

Repeat R2 till you reach the required circumference. Note: End with an even row. Join at the beginning chain with Slip Stitch (SL ST).


The pattern contains series of single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet stitches as described in Hooks and Heels.

I didn’t put any additional embellishments to the beanie as I wanted to make an everyday wear yet modern hat for an adult woman. The color of the yarn was a fashion statement in itself and the pattern made it an apt daily wear.

Product Specifications:


  • Height of the hat: 9″
  • Circumference: 22″-23″

The sizes could be alter based on the count of the stitches for the rows.


  • You can increase the base diameter to give a more slouchy feel. Also, increase the height of the beanie.
  • You can add pom-pom matching the color with the edging or the base color. There are different ways to create pom-pom.
  • You can attach flowers, beads or a bow made of crochet, plastic, suede leather etc to give cuteness to the hat.
  • You can put fur edging or tassels to give a different touch.

Remember: do not over accessorize it. This hides the beauty of the pattern itself. Believe in elegance simplicity!!

In case, you have stuck anywhere or have any queries, kindly contact me.

Pista Slouchy Beanie

Winter / Fall Seasoned Crochet Pista Slouchy Beanie Free Pattern for an adult woman - kNot mY deSigns

Winter / Fall Seasoned Crochet Pista Slouchy Beanie Free Pattern for an adult woman - kNot mY deSigns

Winter / Fall Seasoned Crochet Pista Slouchy Beanie Free Pattern for an adult woman - kNot mY deSigns

Winter / Fall Seasoned Crochet Pista Slouchy Beanie Free Pattern for an adult woman - kNot mY deSigns

Style Aisle:

  • Select the yarn color matching with you winter wear.
  • Try out the Hat-Scarf combo, Hat-Gloves combo of the same pattern or different pattern but the same color mix.
  • Choose the contrast colors matching with your jacket.
  • Choose the wool color based on the palette in the wardrobe. Experiment and enjoy the beautiful colors.


  1. Yarn: Michaels Ombre Yarn. I don’t think they have this color anymore.
  2. Crochet Hook: 5.5mm
  3. Needle
  4. Scissors
  5. Measuring Tape
  6. Stitch Marker: My stitch markers are the mini safety pins we get from clothing tags. You can buy from Michaels- Stitch MarkerAmazon – Stitch MarkerJo-Ann – Stitch Marker. Use offers for better deals.

Happy Crocheting!!!


Quality Promise: If washed with care then the neat stitch guarantees perfection up to multiple washes. The wool quality might stretch upon multiple uses.

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