Where It All Started

Where It All Started - Old Yarn Left Overs at my Home - Knot My Designs

I have been a technology professional for over seven years working in India; I picked up this little hobby of crocheting when I visited my parents during one of the vacations.

Visiting parents means a long vacation off to the countryside, where you are away from the typical metro life and spending quality time with parents listening to their stories, sharing your own and remembering those childhood days. One day, I found a stash of wool and crochet needle, from my mother’s stuff. It was the leftover yarn from a very old sweater. I picked it up from the box and guess never kept it back in.

Since then, crocheting came as a hobby and today it has become an indispensable part of my life. I have made crochet beanies – slouchy/ribbed/basic, Lap blankets, table mats, floor mats, hand-made pillow covers, shrug, slipper/sock, and more products. I created “Tangled” as my crochet start-up. After creating few items, I was recommended to start a crochet blog. And that’s how “Knot My Designs” was born.

My work at Knot My Designs reflects not only my dedication and hard work but also the affection and commitment towards the consumers. There is a sincere effort that goes behind every pattern, colour combination and design because being a consumer myself I know that an accessory is not just a wearable, it is an adjective to the personality.

Thanks to Crochet Geek for refreshing the basics and Epicabundance for guiding me to make my First headband.

Down the Memory Lane

Down the memory lane - My trials while learning crochet - Knot My Designs

Hope you enjoy the blogs and get inspired!
Happy crocheting!
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I am Apeksha Prasad. Hope you like my work and encourage me with your creations.



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