Capri Backsided Mobile Cover

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Crochet Capri Backsided Mobile Cover Free Pattern with closed loop and wristlet - Knot My Designs

Capri Backsided Mobile Cover

Have you ever worn your top inside out by mistake and spent an entire day roaming out in that and to realize it much later in the day? oopsy! what now? You start to think should I change back to correct side or carry it, in the same way, assuming no one noticed. Well, when I face such scenario, I try to style it with a jacket and make sure I never take off my jacket.

But what if the similar incident happens while designing your product? I started making a mobile cover for a customer with enough spaces to carry meal coupons and cards along with a mobile phone and a buttoned loop to close the opening along with wristlet to hang it on the hand. While stitching one end of the cover, in order to hold the phone, I realized that I have sewed inside out. I liked the back side of the Single crochet stitch and decided to show it neatly and create a new design with good visuals.


The process is very simple. It is a series of Single Crochet stitch(SC) with changing yarns as per your choice. Sew and close one end on the correct side and turn the complete cover inside out!

I added a crocheted loop on one side of the mobile cover to tie wristlet band. Also, sewed button and loop on the cover, to close the opening.


R1: start with ch 34, join to the 1st chain with Slip Stitch (SL ST).

R2: Ch 1, single crochet (SC) around. Do not join the with Sl ST, instead continue with next row. Total 34 SC.

R3: Single crochet around with cafe yarn. Total 34 SC.

Continue R3 till the pouch measures 3″. Change the yarn to blue colour, continue R3 till the pouch measure 3″.

R4: Change the yarn to blue colour, continue R3 till the pouch measure 3″.


R1: Change the yarn to white and continue R3 for 1 row. Total 34 SC.

R2: Chain 3, SC from 1st stitch from the previous row. Total 34 SC, 3 Chain.

R3: SC around including 3 SC in the chain. Total 37 SC.

Caution Section:-

  1. The selection of the yarn is important. The thickness and elasticity of the yarn and the chosen crochet hook determines the design.
  2. Also, your technique impacts the smoothness or finished look. Everyone has different technique ranging from tight stitching style to medium to loose stitching styles.
  3. In case, you are unable to get the required chosen coloured yarn of same thickness, you can change the crochet hook and your technique as you go around, to get the seamless look. For me, I chose crochet hook smaller than recommended one to give a tighter and closer stitch.


Product Specifications:

Defining Dimensions:-

  • Height: 6.5″
  • Width: 3″

The sizes can be altered based on the total count of the stitches for the rows.

Optional Alterations:-

  • The side loop can be used to add any wristlet, strap made of suede leather, crochet, resin etc.
  • The buttoned loop can be switched to magnet button, snap-on button, press button, zip or an open pouch.
    • Depending on the tool, leave enough height for closure and mobile.
  • You can add additional hook or charms or keychains in the side loop along with strap.

Remember: do not over accessorize it. This hides the beauty of the pattern itself. Believe in elegance simplicity!!

In case, you have stuck anywhere or have any queries, kindly contact me.

Capri Backsided Mobile Cover

Crochet Capri Backsided Mobile Cover Free Pattern with closed loop and wristlet - Knot My Designs


Crochet Capri Backsided Mobile Cover Free Pattern with closed loop and wristlet - Knot My Designs


Crochet Capri Backsided Mobile Cover Free Pattern with closed loop and wristlet - Knot My Designs


Crochet Capri Backsided Mobile Cover Free Pattern with closed loop and wristlet - Knot My Designs

Style Aisle:

  • Hang inside/outside your purse as a go-to pouch for mobile and cards.
  • Add a keychain to the wristlet hole to add your keys along with phone and cards.
  • Use long sling instead of wristlet to carry as a compact pouch on the go OR simply treat as a cell phone case without any handles.
  • Choose the yarn colour based on the palette in your wardrobe. Experiment and enjoy the beautiful colours.
  • Go creative with the button choice.


  1. Yarn: Jo-Ann Lily Sugar N Cream Cone – WhiteJo-Ann Lily Sugar N Cream Solid – Hot BlueJo-Ann Lion Brand 24/7 – Cafe Au La
    • Note: you can play around with different branded yarns as far as they give the synchronous flow of the pattern using a constant crochet hook.
    • You can either go for the yarns with the same recommended crochet hook OR decide the yarn and change the crochet hooks along with the tightness on the crochet stitches as you proceed with the pattern.
    • You can change the pattern to get the continuous flow.
  2. Crochet Hook: 4mm
  3. Needle
  4. Scissors
  5. Button: Jo-Ann Sewing Buttons – La Mode
  6. Measuring Tape
  7. Wristlet band
  8. Stitch Markers: My stitch markers are the mini safety pins we get from clothing tags. You can buy from Michaels- Stitch MarkerAmazon – Stitch MarkerJo-Ann – Stitch Marker. Use offers for better deals.

Happy Crocheting!!!


Care Instructions:

Care Instructions Defined Icon for Machine Wash, WarmCare Instructions Defined Icon for Tumble Dry, NormalCare Instructions Defined Icon for Do Not Dryclean Care Instructions Defined Icon for Do Not Iron Care Instructions Defined Icon for Do Not Bleach Care Instructions Defined Icon for Do Not Wring


Quality Promise: If washed with care, then the elegant stitch guarantees perfection up to multiple washes. The wool quality might stretch upon multiple uses.

Purchase Here:

The crocheted, handmade and made to order item is already sold. In case you are looking forward to purchasing the same item or in any customised form, please check out the following the further options. The colour combinations, the designs, the dimensions can alter easily based on your preference and usage.

  1. KMD – Etsy Shopping Gallery
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  3. Drop an email –
  4. Connect through the Contact Page.


All the contents including photos, designs, and patterns are copyright of Knot My Designs unless otherwise stated. Kindly do not republish them as claiming your own.

The patterns are free to learn and adapt, for personal consumption; however, kindly provide due credit to Knot My Designs every time you use or share them.

Happy Shopping!!!

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I am Apeksha Prasad. Hope you like my work and encourage me with your creations.



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