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Knot My Designs - Tagging and Shipping

At Knot My Designs, we accept all international accredited cards and payment services like Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and bank Debit cards. We do not accept partial payments, therefore, the customer’s needs to make full payment to validate the purchase. At present, all the order are taken on Etsy, online marketplace. You can read their instructions and policies for order cancellation or issues related to the decline in payment.

Knot My Designs ships the products to all the locations. The delivery cost and time depends on customer shipping location, and shipping time could go up to two weeks for customers outside the USA. We also send products in express service upon customers request.

The products are shipped using durable packaging material to keep them safe from any damage during the shipping. However, once the product leaves the store, it is handled by the courier/freight service and it cannot be guaranteed to reach you in the same condition as it was packaged in. The insurance for the delivery of the product upon customer request is taken care.

There is no global scale to mark the colour and shades. It is defined by the manufacturer of the yarn like Lion Brand YarnRed Heart Yarn and more. The specifications of the products are mentioned in the Blog.

Return and Exchange
The return or exchange for the custom made orders is not accepted, since they are made in consultation with the customer.
The specification of the products in my blogs and the marketplace is clearly mentioned, so that the customers would follow and be fully aware of what they are purchasing, in terms of style, size and even the product quality.

Product loss or other issues
The customer will be provided with the respective tracking number to follow the shipment. In case of any issue, they need to contact the Courier/Freight service directly for clarifications. The order  can be put under insurance cover upon your request. But this would affect the shipping cost and hence the purchase cost.

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