Clove Placemats-Coasters Set

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Shades of Brown Colored Crochet Clove Placemats - Coasters Set Free Pattern for your Dinning Table - Knot My Designs

Clove Placemats-Coasters Set

“Randomness in sequence” OR “Sequential Randomness”.

Random means unpredictable; an absence of pattern. Sequence defines predictability; particular order. The combination of both invents new designs. Whichever rule you follow – create a random pattern in sequence or create a sequential design in an unplanned way – it’ll always result in different design.


I was looking for a different design for the table mats for my customer when I discovered the Clover Patch Placemats and Potholder. I liked the pattern and decided to make the same. Looking at the colour of their dining table, I planned to use different shades of brown in the pattern. I didn’t make the potholder but created coasters to complete the dining set as a kitchen decor. I decided to follow the Clover stitch in series but with a random selection of colour sequence. There is no specific sequence of brown colour defined in these. The more the series is random, the more creative it looks. No 2 placemats/ coasters follow the same sequence.

For Coasters, I didn’t make any change for the placemat and followed the same process for coaster but it goes up to three cloves only.

Product Specifications:

Defining Dimensions:-

Place-Mat / Table-Mat

  • Length: 16″
  • Breadth: 14″


  • Length: 5″
  • Breadth: 7″

Optional Alterations:-

  • The sizes can be changed based on your need.
  • The open design is the main attraction of the mat. But you can add edging to form in a confined space.
  • The edging can be made of Single Crochet (SC), Crab Stitch, Slip Stitch, Herringbone Half Double Crochet (HHDC).
  • Instead of regular yarn, fur yarn will bring out a pop to the border.
  • Instead of going for a different colour for the border, use both the base colours around for alternate rows.
    • The border shouldn’t be too broad to pop out. The purpose should be to give a clean edge.

Remember: do not over accessorise it. This hides the beauty of the pattern itself. Believe in elegance simplicity!!

In case, you have stuck anywhere or had any queries, please contact me.

Clove Placemats – Coasters Set

Crochet Shades of Brown Colored Clove Placemats-Coasters Set Free Pattern for your Dinning Table - Knot My Designs

Crochet Shades of Brown Colored Clove Placemats-Coasters Set Free Pattern for your Dinning Table - Knot My Designs

Crochet Shades of Brown Colored Clove Placemats-Coasters Set Free Pattern for your Dinning Table - Knot My Designs

Style Aisle:

  • Choose the colour matching with Kitchen interior.
  • Go crazy with experimental contrast colours with your furniture to pop out a section. Make sure the interiors are mostly containing natural, neutral or earthy colours around.
  • To showcase the pattern, you should always select a base colour and a contrast colour.
  • For the stitches or pattern to be visible clearly, choose lighter shades of yarn.
  • The mat should be different than the Dining Table/Kitchen counter top colour.
  • This is Optional. The rubber liner will avoid slippage on any base – wood, quartz, ceramic, cement, granite, zodiac etc.
    • The liner should not pop out. Select matching colour or subtle colour for your mat.
  • If you are short of hot pads you can use these and save that precious table or countertop!


  1. Yarn: Jo-Ann Red Heart TanJo-Ann Red Heart Medium BrownJo-Ann Red Heart Coffeee
    • Note: you can play around with different branded yarns as far as they give the synchronous flow of the pattern using a constant crochet hook.
    • You can either go for the yarns with the same recommended crochet hook OR decide the yarn and change the crochet hooks along with the tightness on the crochet stitches as you go ahead with the pattern.
    • You can change the pattern to get the continuous flow.
  2. Crochet Hook: 5.5 mm
  3. Needles
  4. Scissors
  5. Measuring Tape
  6. Sewing Thread matching with the base colour.
  7. Sewing needles
  8. Non-Slippery Base: Rubber Spray Paint, Shelf Liner
  9. Stitch Marker: My stitch markers are the mini safety pins we get from clothing tags. You can buy from Michaels- Stitch MarkerAmazon – Stitch MarkerJo-Ann – Stitch Marker. Use offers for better deals.

Happy Crocheting!!!


 Care Instructions:

Care Instructions Defined Icon for Hand Wash, Cold Care Instructions Defined Icon for Drip Dry In Shade Care Instructions Defined Icon for Do Not Tumble Dry Care Instructions Defined Icon for Do Not Dryclean Care Instructions Defined Icon for Do Not Wring Care Instructions Defined Icon for Do Not Bleach Care Instructions Defined Icon for Do Not Iron


Quality Promise: If washed with care then the neat stitch guarantees perfection up to multiple washes. The wool quality might stretch upon multiple uses.

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The crocheted, handmade and made to order item is already sold. In case you are looking forward to purchasing the same item or in any customised form, please check out the following options. The colour combinations, the designs, the dimensions can alter easily based on your preference and usage.

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All the contents including photos, designs, and patterns are copyright of Knot My Designs unless otherwise stated. Kindly do not republish them as claiming your own.

The patterns are free to learn and adapt, for personal consumption; however, please give the due credit to Knot My Designs every time you use or share them.

Happy Shopping!!!

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