Blue Grey Hazelnut Bosnian Beanie

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Winter/Fall Seasoned Crochet Blue Grey Hazelnut Bosnian Beanie Free Pattern for an adult man - kNot mY deSigns

Blue Grey Hazelnut Bosnian Beanie

I am very happy to declare that I WON!!!

Making this beanie, was no lesser than winning a trophy. I feel triumphant. Before making any item that I plan, I just browse for scattered images online. A random search of designs or colour combinations, usage etc helps me visualise the item. Following the same strategy, I started searching for images of beanies, hats, caps etc for men for a customer who needed a new beanie for himself. Knowing his choices, style, and preferences, I found this Hazelnut Beanie to be the best fit. Thanks to Aleksandra who created this beautiful pattern in MONK Wolle & Beanies. The link contains written and detailed videos to guide properly. This is a great winter wear for any adult man. A voguish male accessory giving style and protection.


Unfortunately, the wool I had bought was completely different than the one mentioned in the link. This made the hat-making a very painful experience at first. Even if I anyhow completed the beanie following the exact steps provided, it would not fit anyone. After re-opening the third time, I knew how to solve this issue.


The height of the hat depends on the initial chain count. The hat is divided into 4 parts. Each part contains 2 sets. 1st set is decreasing the count up to a certain point. 2nd set is increasing the count to the initial point. Thus, 1 part completes an arch design.

  1. Initial chain count –  I made 41 chains using 6.5 mm hook as I needed the beanie to be 9″ in length.
  2. 1st set of rows – 1st set of rows as per the pattern is 5. But I increased to 8.
  3. 1st part of the hat – In order to make the hat circumference suitable for an adult man (i.e. 22″-24″ ), each part should be at least near to 5″, as the hat stretches up to 2 -3 inches based on the wool.
  4. The height of 1st part – After completing the 1st part, rechecking the height of the hat will save time and avoid rework.

Since this pattern is so elegant and beautiful, I am naming (as it is defined by Aleksandra) Blue Grey Hazelnut Bosnian Beanie.

Caution Section:-

  • Remember to achieve more stretchiness the recommended crochet hook might not be the correct choice. Choose a larger hook than the suggested one.
  • One more point – your strength and style do matter. I tend to make a tighter stitch most of the time, thus I prefer a larger hook. If the crochet stitches you make is looser than you can go for a recommended hook or the hook suggested in the patterns.

Product Specifications:

Defining Dimensions:-

  • Height of the hat: 9.5″
  • Circumference: 24″

The sizes could be altered based on the count of the stitches for the rows.

Optional Alterations:-

  • For edging, you can use fur, Crab Stitch, Herringbone Half Double Crochet (HHDC) or Slip Stitch of same or contrasting colours.
  • One line of contrast colour edging – White, Creme, Maroon, lighter shades of blue, lime, yellow.
  • You can increase the base diameter to give a more slouchy feel. Also, increase the height of the beanie.
  • You can increase the Brim by more than 1 row to define a brim.

Remember: do not over accessorise it. This hides the beauty of the pattern itself. Believe in elegance simplicity!!

In case, you have stuck anywhere or have any queries, kindly contact me.

Blue Grey Hazelnut Bosnian Beanie

Winter/Fall Seasoned Crochet Blue Grey Hazelnut Bosnian Beanie Free Pattern for an adult man - kNot mY deSigns

Winter/Fall Seasoned Crochet Blue Grey Hazelnut Bosnian Beanie Free Pattern for an adult man - kNot mY deSigns

Style Aisle:

  • Select the yarn colour matching with your winter wear. Try out the Hat-Scarf combo, Hat-Gloves combo of the same pattern.
  • Choose the contrast colours matching with your jacket.
  • Choose the wool colour based on the palette in the wardrobe. Experiment and enjoy the beautiful colours.


  1. Yarn: Jo-Ann Big Twist – Dark DenimJo-Ann Big Twist – Soft Gray
    • Note: you can play around with different branded yarns as far as they give the synchronous flow of the pattern using a constant crochet hook.
    • You can either go for the yarns with the same recommended crochet hook OR decide the yarn and change the crochet hooks along with the tightness on the crochet stitches as you proceed with the pattern.
    • You can change the pattern to get the continuous flow.
  2. Crochet Hook: 6mm
  3. Scissors
  4. Needles
  5. Measuring Tape
  6. Stitch Markers: My stitch markers are the mini safety pins we get from clothing tags. You can buy from Michaels- Stitch MarkerAmazon – Stitch MarkerJo-Ann – Stitch Marker. Use offers for better deals.

Happy Crocheting!!!


Care Instructions:

Care Instructions Defined: Machine Wash, Gentle, Cold Care Instructions Defined for Gentle Tumble Dry Icon Care Instructions Defined Icon for Do Not Dryclean Care Instructions Defined Icon for Do Not Wring Care Instructions Defined Icon for Do Not Bleach Care Instructions Defined Icon for Do Not Iron


Quality Promise: If washed with care then the neat stitch guarantees perfection up to multiple washes. The wool quality might stretch upon multiple uses.

Purchase Here:

The crocheted, handmade and made to order item is already sold. In case you are looking forward to purchasing the same item or in any customised form, please check out the following the further options. The colour combinations, the designs, the dimensions can alter easily based on your preference and usage.

  1. KMD – Etsy Shopping Gallery
  2. Etsy – Knot My Designs
  3. Drop an email –
  4. Connect through the Contact Page.


All the contents including photos, designs, and patterns are copyright of Knot My Designs unless otherwise stated. Kindly do not republish them as claiming your own.

The patterns are free to learn and adapt, for personal consumption; however, kindly provide due credit to Knot My Designs every time you use or share them.

Happy Shopping!!!

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This is beautiful, my favorite. Congrats

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    Thank You.

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