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Crochet Key Tag Miniature Ball - Knot My Designs

Key Tag Miniature Ball

A visit to Legoland drew my attention towards these tiny items. The depiction of the world in this shrunken avatar is creative, imaginative and impressive at the same time. I was supposed to make something creative to distinguish the car keys from the other bunch of keys when I remembered the Legoland.

Yes, we do have amigurumi (crocheted or knitted stuffed toy). It gives us the inspiration to create any item and not just the toys. I have been dabbling with bookmarks, another concept of making miniatures. For example, I made smaller version Harry Potter Hogwarts House Scarves or Dark Rose FlowerDachshund DogPansy Leaf, other Flowers, and Leaves.

Key Tag Miniature Ball was my first attempt to make a tiny version of something that is neither flashy to grab unwanted attention nor too infinitesimal that it gets lost in the crowd. I decided to crochet tags and after various attempts on working on flowers, leaves, petals, amigurumi owl, I decided to make a small ball. The bright red colour was easy to detect and the item is not going to occupy a lot of space while carrying.


With 3.5mm crochet hook, we are trying to make a small ball.

R 1: Magic Circle, ch 1, 6 Single Crochet (SC) in the round, join with Slip Stitch (Sl St) at the beginning of the stitch. (6 SC)

R 2: Ch 1, 2 SC in every SC, join the round with Sl St at the beginning of the stitch. (12 SC)

R 3: Ch 1, 1 SC in next SC, 2SC in next SC *, repeat *- and join the round with Sl St at the beginning of the stitch. (18 SC)

R 4: Ch 1, Single crochet 2 together (SC2Tog), SC in next SC *, repeat *-and join the round with Sl St at the beginning of the stitch. (12 SC)

R 5: Ch 1, SC2Tog on every 2 SC, join the round with Sl St at the beginning of the stitch. (6 SC)

R 6: Pull up a string to form the tag string and sew in the ball.

Stuffing: Stuff cotton into the ball with help of throw pen or crochet hook to create that stuffed ball.

Caution Section:-

  1. The yarn quality matters in making stuffed amigurumi or miniature items. The preferred yarn choice should be cotton to give the required sturdiness.
  2. Crochet hook selection also matters. Based on your technique of tight stitch style or loose stitch style, choose the crochet hook. It can be different than the recommended one.
  3. I chose a smaller crochet hook to give a tighter and closer stitch. Also, I tried to stitch tightly than my usual stitch technique.

Product Specifications:

Defining Dimensions:-

  • Circumference of the ball = 1.75″
  • Tag Length: 4″

Optional Alterations:-

  • The sizes can be changed based on your requirement.
  • You can use different colours to create interesting balls.
  • Adding a tag is optional.
  • You can add tassels or pompom. Link to create pom-pom / DIY-Tassels.

Remember: do not over accessorize it. This hides the beauty of the pattern itself. Believe in elegance simplicity!!

In case, you have stuck anywhere or have any queries, kindly contact me.

Key Tag Miniature Ball

Crochet Key Tag Miniature Ball - Knot My Designs

Crochet Key Tag Miniature Ball - Knot My Designs

Crochet Key Tag Miniature Ball - Knot My Designs

Crochet Key Tag Miniature Ball - Knot My Designs

Crochet Key Tag Miniature Ball - Knot My Designs

Style Aisle:

  • Use them as keychain, Tags,
  • Embellishment for Beanies, Hats, Cowl, Scarf, Legwarmer, Tote bags Etc.
  • Add as bag charms.
  • Create a series of balls and add them in sequence to make bracelets, necklace etc.


  1. Yarn: Lion Brand – 24/7 Cotton – Red
    • Note: you can play around with different branded yarns as far as they give the synchronous flow of the pattern using a constant crochet hook.
    • You can either go for the yarns with the same recommended crochet hook OR decide the yarn and change the crochet hooks along with the tightness on the crochet stitches as you proceed with the pattern.
    • You can change the pattern to get the continuous flow.
  2. Crochet Hook: 3.5 mm
  3. Needles
  4. Scissors
  5. Measuring Tape
  6. Stitch Marker: My stitch markers are the mini safety pins we get from clothing tags. 

Happy Crocheting!!!



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The patterns are free to learn and adopt, for personal consumption; however, kindly provide due credit to Knot My Designs every time you use or share them.

Happy Shopping!!!

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