This page describes the various methods I use in my patterns. I prefer cheap, available resources which if carefully thought can be utilized for other purposes.

  1. Stitch Marker
  2. Stash Basket of Yarn
  3. Pom-Pom Maker
  4. Non-Slippery Rubber Grip.


  1. Mini Safety Pins – These are freely available along with any cloth item you purchase. I collect them and use them as Stitch markers. They come in different colors golden, silver, white, black.

Mini_Black_Safety_Pins as Stitch Marker for crochet, knit       Scraps of left over yarn as Stitch Marker for crochet, Knit
2. Left Over Wool strands: You can keep them safe in a container. The leftover yarns can be used as stitch markers. How to use them as stitch markers is shown in Use Yarn as a stitch marker.


After a project is complete, the leftover yarn can be treated as garbage. But if we can use them for making other items we not only challenge ourselves in making creative stuff but consume less and bring a unique output. Check out the post for more information on my Stash bag.


There are 3 ways of making a pom pom. Size will vary but the process can be defined in 2 ways. I have listed the Youtube tutorials below. You can follow the best easy way for you.

  1. Use Yarn and handPom-Pom with hand
  2. Use yarn and cardboard discPom-Pom with Cardboard disc
  3. Use Clover Pom-Pom MakerPom-Pom with Clover Pom-Pom Maker.


Rubber Grip means applying a layer of rubber layer beneath mats, rugs, slippers etc to avoid slippage. There are different ways involving different items for rubber layer.

  1. Rubber Silicone Sealant: Available at any home improvement stores.
  2. Rubber Coating Spray: Plasti Dip is good product available in different colors.
  3. Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner: You can get them at any home improvement or storage section of the stores.

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I am Apeksha Prasad. Hope you like my work and encourage me with your creations.



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