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What is Knot My Designs?


It says Knot (i.e. crochet, knit or loom knit) the designs presented or finalized by you.


Knot (Syllable- Not) My Designs. The designs are finalized or chosen by you and we provide the final product.


What does Knot My Designs represent?


A place to learn Crochet, few pointers to turn your craft and hobby into a business from my experience and observation. It is also a boutique to shop various categories either to gift yourself or others. A discussion platform to make your own custom design. 


What does the Tagline “My Knots, Your Designs” signify?


My Knots, Your Designs means we invite you to bring your own designs and we will form knots using crochet, knit or knit loom to turn into a beautiful and lovable product. You can create your own design with the various selection of colours (red, blue, green, black, white etc.) materials (wool, cotton thread, plastic yarn, top yarn, strings, wire, thread 10), style (beanies, hats, bags, blankets, baskets, pillows, bookmark, sweaters etc), and form (crochet, knit, knit loom) available on the site. Currently, we are focusing on Crochet. 

To know more about the amazing craft journey, check out – 

Where It All Started – The reason or inspiration for the formation of Knot My Designs.

The Story from Tangled to Knot My Designs – The story behind choosing Tangled and then changing to Knot My Designs. 

The Journey so far [2014-2017] – The learnings, The failings, The struggles, The achievements.

Apeksha Austin


I am Apeksha Prasad. Hope you like my work and encourage me with your creations.



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